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ChemWaste is committed to continual improvement and sustainable business practices. We focus on developing our people and look to the Waste Management Hierarchy as a core function of developing our waste treatment processes.

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We believe in resource use that preserves the environment while meeting the needs of people now and in the future.

ChemWaste is committed to:

  • Complying with, and exceeding where practicable, all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice;

  • Empowering employees to practice sustainable principles on a daily basis through adequate education and training, and by creating a workplace with a supportive culture in which our sustainability efforts are regularly discussed, and opportunities for improvement are sought out, shared and implemented when possible;

  • Engaging customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to identify sustainability opportunities and concerns regarding our operations and services;

  • Continual Improvement;

  • Preservation of natural resources and safeguarding the environment from any harmful effects associated with our operations.

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